Niktec Holter Monitor



Hadaf Zarrin Salamat Company is proud to be the official representative of Niktek Company to introduce the capabilities of Iran’s first Holter Monitor. This company is ready to provide services as an official representative of niktek throughout the country.

Hardware Features of Holter Monitor:

  • Small size (20 106 * 65 * mm)
  • Low weight ( 127 g with battery)
  • 3 led storage (5 electrodes)
  • Sample rate: 200 samples per second
  • Ability to record an event with the push of a button
  • Estimation of physical activity using 3-axis acceleration sensor
  • Cardiac signal display to ensure proper connection of cables
  • Sound alarms if the cable is improperly connected to the patient
  • Record patient information in text and audio
  • lithium _ion Chargeable¬† battery
  • Cardiac signal recording with a single charge up to 14 days
  • QT Analysis
  • Includes 2 years replacement warranty
  • The price is much lower than the similar foreign ones


software Features of Holter Monitor:

  • Identify and remove disturbances
  • Three-channel signal display
  • Automatic detection of heart rhythms
  • Classification of beats by patterns
  • full report of cardiac signal analysis
  • Ability to archive data and report each patient
  • High speed beats analysis
  • Ability to edit beats of any template
  • By presenting the ST-Elevation analysis chart
  • HRV Time and Frequency Analysis